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Social Impact Begins with You

Become our greatest service to the world.

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By clicking "Download a Brochure,” I agree to provide the contact information listed above for the purpose of receiving communications regarding educational programs and opportunities.

Explore Your Calling with the MSW Online

The Wurzweiler School of Social Work is dedicated to training the future clinicians, agency directors, social work professors and political leaders who have been called to serve a world in need. Through our Master of Social Work (MSW) online program, we provide the field-based engagements and clinical education that can help build lasting social change and guide students like you toward their greatest opportunities for impact. Since 1957, it has been our mission to support and repair communities and populations, and our students remain our greatest opportunity to extend such a meaningful service.

As we aim to challenge you and prepare you for positions in diverse sectors of social work, we are also proud to offer the flexibility and personal attention that will help you succeed during your academic journey. Together, we will evolve to serve a greater purpose and sustain hope for tomorrow.

Master a Study in Changing Lives

The online MSW program at Wurzweiler invites you to shape your passion through a methods-based curriculum and guides you toward new opportunities to live your purpose in social and clinical casework, social group work and community social administration.

Social impact begins with you. Your journey begins here.

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Student Experience

Follow Your Path Toward an Exceptional Experience

In our effort to fully support others, we start by supporting you and working to facilitate your career as a social work professional. Our exceptional online MSW program has been built to promote a hands-on learning experience and encourages close peer-to-peer collaboration. Throughout the program, you will have easy access to your instructors and Student Success Coordinator as well as around-the-clock technical support.

Take a look at our full online student experience and see just how Wurzweiler can help you uncover the purpose behind your passion.

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"When students go out into the world they’re instilled not only with the educational academic material that they’ve learned but also the values that are the core of Wurzweiler…I think that enhances people’s commitment to the work that they do when they’re out in the field."

Froma Benerofe
LCSW, Chair of the Wurzweiler Board of Overseers

About the Wurzweiler School of Social Work

Representing students from more than 60 countries and embracing all religious and ethnic groups, the student body at Wurzweiler is as diverse as the populations our graduates serve. Discover why each of them chose us.

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Our Curriculum Caters to Your Calling

Your cumulative coursework will focus on the interpersonal skills and clinical knowledge needed to effectively engage private individuals, global communities and everyone in between. Take a closer look at where your studies will take you.

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Expand Your Capacity for Social Impact

Follow your calling to Wurzweiler.

Begin to fully live your purpose with a Master of Social Work from Wurzweiler.

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